Can smart speakers awaken consumers to smart home purchases

A new study, “UX Technology Planning: Smart Home Environments,” released by Strategy Analytics’ User Experience Strategy (UXS) service, investigates the needs, behaviors and expectations of future smart home users as vendors fail to adequately communicate the need for connected lifestyles to consumers. The analysis points out that the smart home has not yet been accepted by the mass market because manufacturers have failed to effectively communicate with consumers about their values and needs. It is critical to awaken consumer awareness through marketing and to communicate how smart home solutions can solve problems and provide convenience in the home. Consumers are reluctant to buy more expensive smart devices when they don’t feel they are getting value for money.

Smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home could be the disruptor within that dilemma – they close the gap between price and value. strategy Analytics senior analyst and report author Taryn Tulay said, ” Smart speakers on the market today offer consumers a non-intrusive, less expensive, first-time smart home product with easy scalability, high compatibility, multiple use cases outside of the home environment, and hands-free control. They are also able to make ongoing updates to cover new devices and services.”

Chris Schreiner, director of UXIP multi-user research at Strategy Analytics, added, “Informing consumers about how a connected lifestyle will improve their quality of life is critical to driving smart home adoption; which devices and services are compatible can encourage further adoption — it’s an ongoing education process. Smart speakers offer a simple but valuable solution to drive consumer understanding of the tangible benefits of smart home solutions.”