How to change our lifestyle in a smart home

The intelligent trend has already entered our lives, smart phones, tablets and other devices have become an important part of our lives. Many traditional home appliances surrounding intelligent our family have also have new changes. Relying on smartphones, the prototype of intelligent home has been formed and gradually enters our lives.

In addition to various terminals, intelligent home is inseparable from the network. Through the mobile data network or wireless network in the home, you can “move”, we can manage and control them through your mobile phone. With more and more 5GHz WiFi, the larger network bandwidth will lay the foundation for the rapid development of smart home. So what can the smart home era bring to us?

Intelligent makes home varies

Under the common role of intelligent and wireless networks, many things in the family have quietly changed.

At present, many smart home products appear in the field of view. By small modification, power outlets, electric lights, etc., will have a wonderful change. Through WiFi network, download related applications on your mobile phone, we can use mobile phone to control power to turn off, use your mobile phone to adjust the lights of the light, play music in the mobile phone in wireless way … The contact between many products and mobile phones in the family It is getting closer. The idea of using mobile phone to control the family in concept video has changed to reality, and gradually enter our lives. Terminal manufacturers have also begun to build software and hardware unified platforms to link these products.

In the future, through the mobile phone we can control more things in the family, in addition to control, personal usage habits, etc., will be shared in these devices, through simple connection, using mobile phones, or even through voice, gestures We can complete the control and adjustment of one thing in the home, easily control everything in the home.

TV status will increase

In the Internet age, people”s enthusiasm for TV is not so high, many young people may have no longer watch TV, and video content is available through computers and mobile phones. However, with the rise of smart TV, the status of TV in smart families has become important.

Smart TV allows TV to access the network. The smart system for large screen design allows us to get the same application experience as in your mobile phone. At present, the exclusive application of TV has also been launched, and a smart TV has established an application ecosystem like a smartphone, which can also interconnect with applications used by mobile phones. At the same time, the mobile phone can also act as a remote control through infrared or wirelessly, and the large screen is associated with the small screen.

In addition to their access network, smart TV, through DLNA, Miracast, AirPlay also allows mobile screen content to televise on TV through wireless way, so that the TV has become a smartphone”s extension, so that exciting content and more people More convenient to share.

It can be seen that although people have access to video, modern smart families, television undoubtedly there is an indispensable important position, but also intelligent products in black home appliances.

How to change our lifestyle in a smart home

White electricity enters the intelligent era
In addition to smart TV, many home appliances in the family have also started intelligent attempts, and the range of functions and controls is extended through the network. Among them, the temperature system in the family is controlled by the Internet of Things to attract our eye.

Internet of-connected air conditioners allow us to understand the air and temperature status of the mobile phone through mobile phones, users can directly control air conditioners, not only to be at home, or even at work, according to the temperature, humidity of indoors Changes to control the operating status of air conditioners.

In addition to air conditioning, the current washing machine also uses a similar Android system similar to smartphones, we can make more personalized settings to the laundry program to ensure you satisfied with the laundry. At the same time, after installing the corresponding app, you can always understand the progress of laundry, control through the distance, and even send a text message, the washing machine in the home will start start.

The development of the Internet and intelligent platform allows white home appliances to our experience beyond our imagination, and through mobile phones, we can better use these appliances, through time and space, let them better serve us.

Intelligent kitchen and shoulders are easy and healthy

As the saying goes, “People are good as the sky.” Is the intelligent trend have to enter the kitchen? The answer is of course affirmative. To say that the intelligent products in the kitchen are undoubtedly to talk about the changes in the development of the network to the refrigerator. The refrigerator in the Internet age can manage the food in your refrigerator according to the user”s settings. Through the Internet of Things, we can easily understand the storage status of food in the refrigerator, the quality of food, which can be easily obtained by the user, and through the network, we can also understand these situations anytime, so we can make a recent food purchase. Plan, or a more detailed understanding of your own recent dietary conditions and food storage.

The kitchen intelligent development allows us to better specify their own diet, and adjust it according to the personal physical condition, bring us convenient and healthy experience.

Home intelligence has become an epidemic trend and spreads to all aspects. In this process, many things we need to face every day will change. These changes have subverted a lot of past lifestyle, with mobile phones – centered control, management methods will appear more in front of us, and put home into mobile phones will become a reality. Are you ready for these changes?