How to reconstruct the smart home market

2019 has become the commercial year of new smart home retail, and a new battlefield for new smart home retail “exploration and killing”, and the current new smart home retail landing ecology has emerged, with direct new retail stores built at enterprise level, aggregated new retail stores built at platform level, and upgraded new retail stores built at traditional retail level, already ready to be launched.

How to reconstruct the smart home market

Jack Ma first proposed the concept of “new retail” in 2016, which is a product of the “bottleneck” in business development of traditional retail industry and a generalized “concept” spawned by the innovative development of retail mode and form. It is a generalized “concept” created by the innovative development of retail models and formats. Its core lies in the “combination of online and offline”, and the core of landing lies in the “deployment, circulation and management of data”.

For the smart home industry, driven by the demand of consumer upgrade, the commercial dimension must be optimized and upgraded, new retail is the apocalypse and new path, and service is the closed-loop item and standard door.

Smart home new retail commerciality of the first year with smart speakers, smart door locks, smart cameras, sweeping robots and other product categories of multi-point explosion, smart home quickly to the C-user sink into the trend, the user base is unprecedented expansion, the smart home industry large-scale feed retail ready to go.

Traditional smart home manufacturers, cross-border Internet platforms and multi-role camps have focused on the reshaping and exploration of new smart home retail, testing the experience stores under the new retail mode in offline pan-channels such as home stores and chain supermarkets, recording, managing and operating offline operations by digital means, breaking the restrictions of time and space, and reconstructing the “new brand “and “new communication”.

In 2019, it will become the first year of commercialization of smart home new retail, and a new battlefield of smart home new retail “exploration and killing”. ready to be launched.

The new retail of smart home is a data-driven reconstruction of people, goods and fields, and the data comes from consumers.

Everyone is still those people, but with the trend of consumer upgrading, the demand has been sublimated, and consumers are more diversified, personalized and sovereign. Coincidentally, everything in smart home is, in the end, an industry around people.

Early smart home around the high-end hotels, multi-storey villas, senior apartments of the crowd, and the current and future, will be around a broader market and buying population, especially the new wave of consumer upgrading groups.

Whether manufacturers build their own offline stores, or with supermarkets, home improvement, custom homes, operators and other joint offline experience stores, consumers will see more and more smart home stores, products will be more and more dazzling, the consumer”s smart home contacts are being reshaped in all aspects, not just the literal concept of publicity.

Goods smart home products are heavy experience-based products, smart home products as the main body of the goods, can not just be displayed on the shelves of the new retail entity stores, lost the vitality of smart home products, while purely rely on the commodity price difference to earn a profit model is not suitable for smart home.

In front of e-commerce, traditional offline stores may not have price advantages, but they can provide richer shopping scenes and more friendly shopping experience. With the gradual opening of smart home ecosystem, smart home products with different communication protocols can be compatible with each other, which greatly improves the dilemma of low smart home experience, and this is the reason why the new retail development of smart home is so fast.

The ultimate experience sense advocated by the new retail is the soul of the offline experience store of smart home. At the same time, the smart home market is still in the primary stage of educating users, and users must be substituted into the real-life smart life through the scene construction of offline experience store.

Through single point scenes, set scenes and whole house scenes, the actual feeling of smart home products and systems will be directly branded into every nerve of consumers through real restoration, thus enhancing consumers” awareness and gaining users” trust, which is also the most direct and fastest means of promotion.

Although smart home is a low-frequency home consumption scene embedded in a high-frequency retail scene, smart home goods must always be fresh, the iteration of hardware and software must be fast, just like the seasonal clothes of the mall, the seasonal fruit of the fruit store, the new cell phone of the cell phone store, the hardware update of the new offline retail store of smart home should be set into scale, and the periodic iteration of software should be upgradable online at any time.

The new retail platform of smart home in the face of the consumer end of the pre-sale, sale, after-sales links must be seamlessly connected, sales and services, with customer experience as the absolute priority, with a system with all the data to speak realistically.

Pre-sales, merchants online synchronization of product information interpretation, comparison and other rich data, users to view and consultation is also more convenient, data to obtain customer pre-purchase resources, pre-precision management and matching.

During the sale, the offline experience store presents new data such as price and function at any time, which can continuously improve the user”s willingness to buy and contact frequency, and all offline experience feedback. At the same time, through AI vision, sensing and other technologies to capture user portrait data, record and analyze the customer shopping route and coordinates. According to the data feedback from the sales side of the store, we will discover the associated value and change the way of product marketing, supply chain management and channel placement.

After-sales, delivery, installation and commissioning one-stop realization, real-time online tracking of the service process, online monitoring of equipment, user product experience feedback to the front-end design and development, front and back-end data closed loop.

Single product can meet part of the pain point demand, but can not cover the front installation as well as the overall smart home universal demand, smart home in the new retail store scenario, must be sufficient to deal with the whole house smart experience-based demand.

With the continuous iteration of smart home product form, the offline retail store will definitely become easier and less costly to build, and the experience becomes the main decision factor for purchase, which is the ultimate purpose of the new retail window of smart home by matching the user”s pain point demand through multiple scenes and eventually converting into sales.

As industry insiders, we all expect to walk into more and more smart home new retail stores when shopping with our family or friends, and share with them the life changes brought by intelligence.

Outlook for each of us, online and offline integration of omnichannel shopping has become the mainstream consumption, smart home is also only one of the branches of the new retail revolution, the reason why it can quickly ride on the wind, thanks to the depth of the combination of smart home and AIoT trend, AIoT topic lifeblood is also around the people to build.

If Taobao era, is through the Internet online way, all industry chain channel list to do the optimal comb. AIoT era fragmented consumer behavior, has made the traditional single online or single offline retail way can not continue, more complex industry chain need to reorganize the supply chain and channel chain.

For the smart home industry, the number of participating camps and roles is increasing, and the channel shipment mode and volume are also changing dramatically. The ultimate magic weapon for breakthrough is the new retail revolution, and more online and offline combination of pan-channel new retail mode will be highlighted.

New retail is the new path for smart home to reach users, with massive data to build a new retail industry value chain of smart home, so that smart home into thousands of households is just around the corner.