In which fields can smart home control be applied

Smart home as a new way of life, through information technology means to build community management, to create a smart home control system, significantly improve the quality of life, for the public to bring the convenience of “wireless” life and the beautiful dream of digital, information-based life. ZeroDog intelligent home control system covers home intelligent environment system, linked lighting system and curtain system, from visual, tactile, sensory and other multi-dimensional research, to provide each family with a lightweight intelligent home control system, so that your relationship with home is more intimate.

Focusing on the research, development and manufacturing of whole-house comfort and smart home products, Zero Dog Intelligence takes HVAC products as the starting point and core advantage, and stabilizes the powerful artificial intelligence and big data cloud platform technology to let 100 million families around the world enjoy intelligent, comfortable and energy-saving home life, leading the smart home into the AI era. At present, Zero Dog lightweight smart home control system is widely used in four major fields.

What fields can smart home control be applied in

I. Intelligent Office

Intelligent office has entered a mature and stable stage, and the economic benefits and significance brought by intelligence have been deeply rooted in people”s hearts. Zero Dog intelligent system can effectively save the cost of electricity for enterprises, improve efficiency and enhance the corporate image. Office, meeting, meeting can be linked through the whole remote control system air conditioning, curtains, lighting and other major equipment to meet the needs of modern enterprises with high efficiency. If you forget to turn off the equipment, you can also remotely view and control the equipment.

Second, intelligent villa

The villa has a large area, many rooms, and the utilization cost of large spaces such as garage and garden is high. Creating a more environmentally friendly, convenient and fast energy-saving living environment system is the top priority of intelligent villas.

Zero Dog”s intelligent heating and cooling system, intelligent lighting system and intelligent curtain system ensure villa owners to live comfortably and peace of mind, and the remote app control system helps us to cross the limitation of time and geography and eliminate worries.

Three, intelligent large flat and apartment

Home is our harbor, so that the tiredness of the day dissipates and gives the warmest comfort. ZeroDog intelligence melts innovative thinking into practical application to make home better. Light remote control, adjust the brightness and darkness to improve the light in the room. Tmall Genie voice remote control, making the home more intelligent, convenient and fast.

Fourth, intelligent hotels

The hotel represents the image of the city to a certain extent, how to use advanced science and technology to improve the humanized urban habitat experience is a problem that Zero Dog Intelligence has been thinking about. Intelligent application in the hotel temperature control equipment, fresh air equipment, curtains, etc., intelligent hotels came into being. Zero Dog Intelligence linkage temperature control equipment through intelligent systems, through the new air equipment to improve air quality, but also remote control of lighting, curtains and other hotel room objects, so that the hotel becomes more warm, convenient and comfortable.