The difference between sound-controlled lights and smart lights

Do you know what the difference between sound-controlled lights and smart lights? In fact, as long as a little understanding of some, or a deeper understanding of intelligent lighting, and as long as this understanding, you can clearly know the difference between sound-controlled lights and intelligent lights in which.

Sound-controlled lights are products that we have been exposed to long ago, and for intelligent lighting, there are too many details that we need to slowly understand.

Sound control: is nothing more than the sound to control the lights, such as the lights inside the community, just need to have a sound, it will ring, but such a foolish operation, or very inconvenient, because we will really encounter too many problems, and such a light is very easy to break.

Intelligent: Nowadays, everything is about intelligence, from the beginning of that stage of smart phones, it is destined to be how the development trend of the current era, and indeed for intelligent lighting, it can do, of course, or to maximize the user more at ease with the use.

And the biggest highlight of intelligent lighting is that it can be controlled by one key, it can make your life chores become less tedious, so that your life at home, more comfortable and pleasant. The specific performance is: in bed you can directly control all the lights at home with one key, you can adjust the brightness of the lights, you can adjust the switch status of each room. One key to adjust to dinner mode, movie watching mode. Meeting mode and so on, as long as you set the mode of life scenes you want, then a key can be manipulated to your favorite state, to give the family a hundred different models, there are surprises at all times!

Intelligent lighting systems are now in a state that is still more likeable, because indeed for many people, the home appliances do belong to this stage now very good products, and on many levels, intelligent lighting is more suitable for large restaurants inside, and of course, buildings.

The specific performance of the intelligent restaurant can make the whole restaurant atmosphere more gentle, because indeed such products will adjust the light and dark level, if adjusted, it can achieve a satisfactory effect, and such an effect must be very popular. It is true that the moody restaurants nowadays have darker lights that are of a dull yellow color, and such lights must be a very popular product at this stage now, so if you have considered adding a more eye-catching product, be sure to check out the amazing effects that intelligent lighting can bring.
What is the connection between intelligent buildings and intelligent lighting? In fact, now many large projects already have intelligent lighting, and is long ago has used intelligent lighting, there is no doubt that the effect after using is very good, because indeed intelligent lighting can achieve the effect that can not be achieved by ordinary lighting.